Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pottermore . . . and more

I'm not sure why I didn't post this back in April, 2012, when I wrote it, but I didn't. A little late, but there you go. Sometimes it just works out that way.This should really be posted before the one below, but I can't seem to change the date so it ends up in the right place. Hmmm.

Errol did arrive last fall and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on Pottermore in Beta - except for the times that my potion melted my cauldron even though I had followed all the steps. Or the times that all my comments went into moderation because . . .  Well, I never did figure out why my comments were moderated. I wonder if my account has been flagged because I'm over the age of 12. I finally fixed that irritation by just not commenting any more. I love the look of the site and the extra content from J.K. Rowling. But then the site was down for quite a while in the late fall and I got busy with other things. Before that I had been spending at least some time (sometimes a LOT of time) on Pottermore every day.

Our family had a busy fall with things that were more important than the time I could spend on Pottermore - shocking, I know, but there it is. And then it was Christmas and the New Year. About the time Pottermore was again available we had a nasty snow storm and lost power for a day and a half. I went back through all the chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's (Philosopher's) Stone to see the changes. They aded sound and it does make it a lot better, but I couldn't see that anything else had changed.

I'm very happy that I was sorted into Hufflepuff. At first I tried to add to the House points, but I started watching the jumps in points and it seemed clear that people were cheating. I expected that they would fix it by making everyone start earning point at the beginning once Pottermore opened to everyone. But they didn't, so the points are always going to be off. That has taken the fun out of it for me so I don't really care much about trying to earn points anymore. Maybe it's an age thing, but cheating to win is just not something I tolerate.

After that, Terry and I were getting ready for a trip to Hawaii in March. When we came back we just had other things to do so I've not gone back to spending time on Pottermore every day. When they released the eBooks for all the Harry Potter books, I bought the set the first day for my Nook. I'm delighted. I'm looking forward now to the time when we can explore Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on Pottermore. So I will spend time there again when each book is added. Now that the Beta period is over, they have improved it, but it still has glitches (like my exploding cauldron). I haven't tried the comments again and probably won't.

Rowling has updated her personal web site. Actually, it's completely changed. I kind of miss the old one with all the things to do to get the information. But the new one makes sense as she has announced that her first non-Harry book will be out in the fall. It's The Casual Vacancy. I'm looking forward to it. It sounds like it will be a book full of interesting characters and that's what I liked best about all the Harry Potter books.

I still read/listen to all my Harry Potter books. They are like an old friend and I enjoy the visits. But I've been reading other things in the last few years just as I always have. In a way, I have moved on, but there is something about the writing and the stories in all the Harry Potter books that keeps me from moving away from the books. I just don't have as much to say as I once did.

I'll be back when I read Rowling's new book, even though it's not a Harry Potter book or when there are new things to explore on Pottermore.

In the meantime, keep reading - I know I will.


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