Saturday, December 27, 2008

Finally, the mail was delivered!

And in with the Christmas cards, a few bills and ads that are now out of date, I received my copy of Harry Potter and Imagination: The Way Between Two Worlds, by Travis Prinzi. The delay was due to our nasty weather. The Postal Service decided that they would not put anyone at risk delivering mail - for all of this week, as it turned out - by eliminating anyone who lives on a hill. Well, their concern is laudable, but they really should have sent someone out after the first day or so to see if the hills were still too dangerous. Ours had been sanded and was perfectly easy for everyone to negotiate, even some of the drivers who, just days before, constantly proved to the world that they had no idea how to drive on snow and ice. So if they could do it, then certainly the mail carriers could have managed. It was a bit irritating to know that there should be mail in the box, but there was none, and no announcement that they weren't delivering any. It just didn't show up. At least Metro got the word out to the press that the bus schedules were changed, and the waste disposal companies did the same. The Post Office, however, just let us all make daily trips across the street to the empty mail box.

I suppose the reason it was so annoying to me was really because I know that my book had actually made it to the bulk station in town and was just waiting to be delivered. It was that close. So now I have it, and have started reading.

And with that, I'll have the last cup of tea and another piece of pumpkin pie while I read just a little more before going to bed.


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