Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some last minute thoughts

I really had hoped to get the chance to put down my thoughts on the rest of Order of the Phoenix and on Half-Blood Prince, but clearly, it's not going to happen. I'm at day camp this week, and the only thing that would allow me to do that is if we get rained out on Friday--which we did today. OK for me, but not for the kids.

So, I've been listening to a borrowed audio book of Stephen Fry reading HBP, even though I just finished re-reading it last week. It's great as an audio book--I actually like it much better when I listen to it than when I just read it. I don't really know why either. So, I'm doing that when I could be writing. Well, no, I couldn't. I've been listening while I paid the bills, ironed shirts for my husband, sorted day camp pictures--so no, I wouldn't be writing anyway. Listening to HBP has also allowed me to NOT hear anything on TV that might be a spoiler (the rumoured leak/hoax/whatever), though when I was waiting for the weather on the noon news, I heard the start of a news story on the leak and promptly stuffed my fingers in my ears like a seven-year-old, rushed into the room and turned off the TV. I certainly hope the world doesn't fall apart in the next two days when I'm not watching it--like my seeing it would make a difference anyway.

What I have been doing when I'm not listening is reading over at HogwartsProfessor and Sword of Gryffindor. There are a lot of interesting discussions there. There's plenty there to keep all of us busy, with links to other sites as well.

Well, time for another few chapters of HBP before I turn in for the night--and maybe a nice cup of tea, sugar and milk, please.