Monday, June 11, 2007

Harry Potter Cover Art--All the books

I've always thought it silly to "recreate the wheel", so to speak. Diricawl, over at St. Mungo's Hospital: HP Gallery Wing, started and is still updating a post that has images of all the cover art--US, UK, international--along with as much information as he could find about the various artists involved. I don't always agree with his commentary or the comments of some of the others, but seeing all the covers in one place, it's much easier to compare and follow their evolution through the series. So if you are inclined, here is the link to All Cover Art.

Note about St. Mungo's: You can view the cover art topic, but if you want to post, you'll need to register--fairly painless, and you might find some interesting topics. We are an outgrowth of the original, but now non-existent, HP Galleries. Some of us have been talking about Harry Potter since 2001--and during that long wait between GOF and OP, we found that we wandered off onto other subjects, some more personal, some not, but definitely random--which was how the "Inherently Random" thread began. When people talk as long as some of us have, it's very usual to really talk as friends do, even though we are from all over the world. However, there's always room for more in the circle--it's a very friendly group of people. That being said, it is not the site where I go when I want to discuss my distinctly Christian points of view about Harry Potter. But for general, non-religious discussions, it's a good one.